“We all Rise and Fall on the Value of Our Priorities”

Back in 2015, I lived in a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom row home in Columbia Heights (CD).

Juxtapose to the hood, this gentrified area was walking distance from multiple city buses and WMATA metro. Even better, the area was restaurant accessible.

When I think millennial living, this was probably it.

A reflection of one Black man’s journey from dropping out of Grad School, being broke, terrified and finally taking personal accountability.

Written by Lawrence Delva-Gonzalez, CFE and Edited by Ecclesiaste Guerrier, SHRM-CP, DEI

Retiring as a Millionaire can be Automatic

Where to Start with Personal Finance

If you don’t know where to start and how this entire personal finance journey transform people into millionaires and then multi-millionaires, this is the way. These are some of the most renown personal finance books known for helping people set budget, make plans, enjoy travel; all while becoming automatically wealthy…

Saving 9 cents of Every Dollar Earned?!

Many are struggling with their finances from credit card interest fees stacking up, bad money management habits, or just following bad advice. For a lot of us, the…

My wife and I are on a mission to pay down over $100,000 in Debt expenses while investing $100,000 in savings in 2021.

Yeah those are wild numbers for people who started their careers making $50,000 and $23,000 before taxes (respectively) back in 2012. …

Another Case of One Bullet Too Many

Despite progress in educational attainment, disposable income, and increasing diversity and inclusion efforts, this generation will still face the largest racial and ethnic wealth gap. In essence, the road to equitable prosperity is as painful as walking three miles barefoot and on broken glass. …

The Neighborhood Finance Guy

Financial Literacy Educator |Money Story 💰Negative $125k Net worth to $350k in 6yr 💸Paid off $90k in debt 🔑 $30k wedding w/cash

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