How First Generation Haitian Americans are Achieving Black Wealth

Black Wealth Framed through the Immigrant Experience

1st Time Wealth Builders

Lekol, Legliz and Lakay to Crush Debt and Build Wealth

Chronicling Black Wealth through Podcast, Stories, Articles and Social Media

Black Wealth Articles and Top Tips to Use

1. How Nii and Renee Destroyed Over $600,000 of Student Loan Debt

2. How These Newlyweds Paid Down Six Figures of Debt — in One Year

3. Young Black Investors In South Florida Show Economic Optimism Amid Pandemic

4. How The Velocity Banking Method Helped This Couple Pay Off Debt

5. How This Couple Paid Off $120k Debt While Living in A Tiny House

6. How I paid off $102,000 in debt, bought a house, and started building generational wealth

7. A millennial couple increased their net worth from zero to $500,000 in 4 years by making 5 strategic money decisions

Bonus Feature: Honorary Haitian American



Financial Literacy Educator |Money Story 💰Negative $125k Net worth to $660k in 9-yrs 💸Paid off over $350k in debt 🔑 and Traveled to 25+ countries.

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